Study Tools

Study Tools

The internet is great for the many study tools that are available to us. Keep in mind that not everything you see is biblically correct, so it helps to know your bible. Here are a few that I like to use:

There are many different versions of the Bible available and you can use it to compare.

Matthew Henry Commentary on the Whole Bible
This was originally written in 1706, you can put in a bible book and chapter and it will give you an explanation.

Matthew Henry Concise Bible Commentary
This one is a little bit easier to understand for me, not as detailed as the one above, but still lots of information.

Blue Letter Bible
Gives an explanation on the Greek or Hebrew words. Great Bible reference tool.

Bible Study Tools
Easy to use, different Bible versions, devotions and other tools available.

The Bible Project
You need to join the community to use their webpage (free) or go to YouTube and type in Bible Project and the book you want information about (example Genesis). There is a cartoon video that will pop up and explain the history and what is happening in that book of the Bible. I like this one because it helps you understand the history and how things relate.

I am sure I will find more tools as I go along and will update information as I write this blog.


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